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We have worked this semester to re/mix what we think of as conventional grammar into new conventions that we can describe and apply in unconventional spaces like social media.  Several of us are presenting our work at the KSU Undergraduate Research Symposium, while other are looking towards STC presentations and papers.  The template here will help guide our writing as we prepare our own research for these public spaces.  Please use it to write-up your analysis of a digital grammar phenomenon.

Analytical Study Report /Micro Study

Purpose: To write through a chosen research topic, analyzing it from a specific departure point and lens. (in this case digital grammars)

Topic:  Language Study, Dialects and Usage in Specific Digital Discourse Communities

Directions: For this paper, you will research and choose five sources (3+ Academic Journals, 2 less Internet) to support an analysis of a topic within the field of digital grammars.  **You will choose your topic based on a collaborative, flipped class discussion.   Your topic must be cleared through our community before you begin drafting.**

Learning Outcomes:  You will develop and expand on your research skillsYou will gain analysis tools based on patterns of organization…You will attain understanding of analytical organization and demonstrate application of rhetorical strategies…You will evaluate and reflect on your writing experience and process.

Parameters:    MLA Style, 2,000 word minimum uploaded to D2L Dropbox. 12 pt TNR, single-spaced, .doc or .docx, headings are optional, but recommended.

Assessment:    Based on Grading Criteria located in D2L Content Tab; 20% of course grade

The following outline is a pattern for the written report of the results from your research on the analysis essay assignment (adapted from Mary Zeigler, Georgia State University)


–The background for the research as indicated in the assignment parameters. Use the wording of your topic.

–The research question or research problem.

–The plan of action for the study: (this is your thesis) i.e. What you will do in the analysis of the research problem to arrive at a conclusion— such as define terms, determine questions presented in the problem, examine the elements significant to understanding the problem, and any other methods deemed important to reaching a conclusion about the research problem.


–Discuss your topic using your sources for investigating, analyzing, and/or examining the research problem, distinguishing characteristics,relevance, application, explanation, description

–Follow the plan of action to progress through your thesis.  Discuss each aspect of the analysis. Define terms as necessary. Refer to the sources directly for quotes or indirectly in parenthetical citation. Refer to your English usage handbook for details of MLA citation.


–After examining each aspect as you have determined its relative importance to the problem, prepare for the conclusion. State your response to the question, or resolution of the problem.


— At the end of the last page, talk about your experiences with this analytical microstudy.  Discuss what your initial response was to the question/problem before you began your research and the affect of this study on your knowledge and perceptions.

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