Vlogging Guidelines

Podcasting/Vlogging Evaluation Criteria Checklist

Using our Podcast Guidelines, our work in class and your choice of grammar structure, write and record a podcast or vlog highlighting your argument or analysis through a research lens. Upload your transcript as a .doc or .docx file ONLY, and include the link to your podcast.
Writing and recording a podcast/vlog is a creative, dynamic, and rhetorical endeavor. Before you begin and during production, read and review the SEVEN criteria below to ensure that your textual product, meets all of our rhetorical elements to determine your growth as a scholar.

1. Author/Authority – your credentials and thesis (purpose) must be explicitly stated at the beginning of the podcast (this is your introduction)

2. Accuracy/Validity – give your chosen contact information for dialogic feedback (establish ethos)

3. Audience – is your language, syntax, and diction rhetorical and specifically written for an audience?

4. Subjectivity – what are your biases towards/against your subject. You MUST own your subjectivity because this increases your own voice.

5. Timeliness – Are you reviewing/critiquing a game that is overexposed? Are you bringing anything new to the conversation? Say it!

6. Scope/Purpose – Is your podcast narrow in scope? What do you want to impart to your audience? Are you focusing on syntax, visual/textual structure analysis, pragmatics etc.?

7. Format/Style — logical organization (introduction to conclusion), audio/video quality, podcaster vocal quality (can we hear AND understand you?), are there TOO many sound effects to understand you? Here is where we also state the length: 1-2 minutes.

Please provide your work in a Mac-Readable format, which is YouTube-Ready. With your permission (IRB signed consent form) your work will be posted on our communal, educational channel.

Student-produced examples of podcasts/vlogs:

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

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